Daniel Dendy is a gourmet chef who has earned his reputation as a creator of great-tasting, quality food. 

Daniel, born into English cuisine, left England at 22 to travel to Europe. After graduating from culinary school in London, England, Daniel worked under Chef Gordon Ramsey (pre celebrity superstardom) for a year and a half before making the leap to mainland Europe.   He worked in the kitchen of chef Roger Verge, considered one of the greatest chefs of his time. With a newfound passion for experiencing cultures and foods, Daniel eventually moved on to Italy, where he further developed his culinary philosophy.

He began to experiment with “science-free foods”, using quality natural ingredients. As opposed to the complex, layered flavours of trendy foods today, the result was an uncomplicated, pure, and delicious simplicity of cooking.

As he made a name for himself, Daniel was in demand as a personal chef for the rich and famous; cooking in homes and aboard private yachts for wealthy clients. While living a chef’s dream, he met Daniela Guccione, a Canadian living in Brussels, and followed love to Canada. The couple took up residence in Toronto, where he continues to live and bake his gourmet Polenta crisps and cookies.