What began as an affair of the heart turned into an affair with food when acclaimed British chef Daniel Dendy gave up a world travelling international career to marry a Canadian sweetheart with a gluten allergy. Daniel used his expertise gained through years in the kitchens of fine restaurants and through work as a personal chef aboard the yachts of multi-millionaires to passionately invent and create new recipes to satiate his wife Daniela’s sensitive digestive system. The original Polenta Crisps, born of a kitchen experiment for a dinner party gone wild, became a huge hit with the guests. Success turned into a repeat performance with demands for more of the same. Daniel began baking crisps for friends in his Bloor-West village condo and word of mouth spread like wildfire. Taking the plunge to launch the Crisps as a business, the product exploded onto the market in 2010, and they are now available across Canada. Polenta cookies, a sweet addition to the Gluten-free Polenta line, have rapidly gained momentum in the food market and have joined the ranks of culinary success for the discerning palate.